Montag, 15. Dezember 2014

BeatPete & Rufus Grimes aka Remark - Vinyl Session - Part # 49 - Beatmaker Special - Presented by HHV.DE & Mellow Orange Music

December's Backyard Joints guest, Rufus Grimes aka Remark set down 
for a Vinyl Session. 
Remark presents "One for Niessuh", "Einkaufswagen", "One for KAN" 
(take a look at his soundcloud) and some unreleased material.


Also tracks from Audessey & A Cat Called FRITZ, KanKick, dude26, 
Kev Brown & Hassaan Mackey, Mr. Dibia$e, Dave Sparkz & Wodoo Wolcan, 
Odd Goons, Midnight Eez, 12Vince, A Cat Called FRITZ & K-Ro, Houseshoes

Presented by HHV.DE & Mellow Orange Music

BeatPete & Rufus Grimes aka Remark - Vinyl Session - Part # 49 
- Beatmaker Special

Rufus Grimes aka Remark

Youtaro - Color - 10' LP - Preview Mix

 Youtaro - Color - 10' LP - Cascade Records

"Minimal, lo fi, bump, R n B, Hip Hop, hypnotism, beats, Rhodes, chill, smoke, 
sip, love,... These are words that you will understand in new ways after listening 
to Youtaro's Color EP.
Walking shoulder to shoulder among talented peers such as Budamonk and illsugi 
in Japan's small Hip Hop informed beat community, you're definitely gonna want this 
limited run, future classic in your record collection (if you don't buy vinyl it might be 
time to start). We wish you well and hope you have a minute to pause and enjoy the 
moments on Color with us. Thank you.

Very Special thanks to Koga Hidenori for the amazing collage used as this album's 
cover art."

Wun Two x Biggie x Method Man

Another DOPE remix from our upcoming Backyard Joints guest.

Wun Two x Biggie x Method Man

03/01/2015 - Backyard Joints presents:

Wun Two - Penthouse - LP Release

Special guest / MPC Beat Set: 12Vince (akai47)

Event link:

Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2014

BeatPete & Benito - Dopeness In 2014 - A Musical Retrospective - 60 Minutes - Hip Hop & Beats - Strictly Vinyl

The Backyard Joints co-founder BeatPete and the Montreal based 
DJ Benito Turntable continue their series. Check the third part of the 
"DOPENESS IN..." series after 2012 and 2013.
Free download available!

DOPENESS IN 2014 - A Musical Retrospective

60 Minutes - Hip Hop & Beats - Strictly Vinyl

Mixed by BeatPete & Benito

Part 1 - BeatPete (Berlin)

1. Intro
2. dude26 - Someone To Watch (Daily Concept)
3. FloFilz - Nomind (Melting Pot Music)
4. Hex One feat. Tek-nition & D-Rev - Rhythm Of The Planet
(Mic Theory Records)
5. Figub Brazlevič - Influence (Keats / HHV.DE)
6. FredFades & Ivan Ave - Breathe (King Underground Records)
7. Lex de Kalhex - Revelation (The Find Magazin / HHV.DE)
8. KanKick - Witness Truthful Mystics (SomeOthaShip)
9. Dave Sparkz & Wodoo Wolcan - Past, Present & Future
(Radio Juicy / HHV.DE)
10. Pete Flux & Parental - Warming Up (Akromégalie Records)
11. Klaus Layer - Watching Fireflies (Redefinition Records)
12. Metro feat. Blu & DJ Twister - One, Two (Queensize Records)
13. Jonwayne - Passing Fancies (Stones Throw)
14. Mndsgn & Ivan Ave - Keep Looking (Jakarta Records)
15. Wun Two - Everending (Radio Juicy / HHV.DE)
16. Outro - Part # 1

Part # 2 - Benito (Montreal)

1. Retrogott – Countro (Melting Pot Music)
2. Epidemic – Monochrome Skies Intro (Chopped Herring Records)
3. 7eventhirthy – Off The Grid (Mello Music Group)
4. Lord Finesse – Electric Impression (Slice Of Spice Records)
5. Jazz Spastiks – Flying (Dusty Platter)
6. Millenium – Hustlers Etiquette (Crooked Cat Records)
7. Mindsone & Kev Brown – Manipulated (Ill Adrenaline Records)
8. Steve Colossal – Karma (Six2Six Records)
9. Edo.G – Make Music (5TH & Union)
10. Def Dee – C’mon Now (Redefinition Records)
11. Crown feat. Tribeca & Kwote1 – Then & Now (Just Listen Records)
12. SmooVth feat. Hus – Drum Stick Remix (Ryks Muzik)
13. D.I.T.C. – Diggin In The Crates Remix (Slice Of Spice Records)
14. DJ Nu-Mark – I Know, Didn’t I (Pot Hard Music / Delicious Vinyl)
15. Mattic – Haley’s Comet pt 2 (Phonosaurus Records)
16. Apollo Brown – Never Disappear (Mello Music Group)

Grand Puba - A Little Of This (Hubert Daviz Remix) + Free Instrumental Download

The instrumental version from Hubert Daviz's "A little of this" remix is now 
available for free download.

Free Instrumental Download:

Fredfades & Ivan Ave - Breathe - EP - Limited Edition Audio Cassette & 7"

"Limited edition vinyl. Fredfades & Ivan Ave "Hands" 7". Also available with a very 
limited version of "Breathe" on audio cassette. There are 250 copies of the 7" but 
only 100/250 with the cassette."

Fredfades & Ivan Ave - Breathe - EP Snippet 

ITALIAN Lo-Fi DOPENSS - wuf - days - EP 2014

Jazzy Lo-Fi Dopeness from Italy!

wuf - days - EP

1. bacon
2. stare
3. mood
4. daze
5. loneliness

6. sleep

Artwork by bzkt

Sonntag, 30. November 2014

HHV.DE Presents: BeatPete - Analog Affinities - Volume 1 - Mixtape - Audio Cassette Tape

"Analog Affinities" is a VINYL ONLY Mixtape series including strictly HHV.DE releases
mixed by the Backyard Joints co-founder and Mellow Orange Music member BeatPete.

Volume 1 includes tracks from Wun Two & FloFIlz, I.L.L. Will, Twit One, Kalhex, Dela,
Pete Flux & Parental, K-Saba, Freddie Joachim, Cadence,  Ill Treats & Glad2Mecha, 
Whoarei, The Doppelgangaz, Beatvadda, Hulk Hodn, Stainless Steele, Blu, Remark, 
Scruffneck Dust, Dave Sparkz & Wodoo Wolcan,...

> BeatPete (Mellow Orange Music)

- Analog Affinities - Volume 1 - Mixtape

Released: 28/11/2014

Available at HHV.DE

>>> "Analog Affinities" Mixtape Preview

Special thanks to a cat called FRITZ for the artwork!!!

Cold Busted - IWYMI Volume Four - Audio Cassette Tape

Cold Busted - IWYMI Volume Four - Audio Cassette Tape

The Jazz Edition

"IWYMI is a monthly instrumental Hip Hop compilation designed to showcase various 
beat makers and producers from all over the world. “It’s What You Make It” is not only 
relative to making any form of art, it’s also a metaphor for life and how we all approach 
things differently.
Tracks on each volume are selected based on style and sound in order to form cohesive 
releases that flow front to back. With that said, the overall sound and themes presented will 
vary throughout the series."